Southern Pine now bills its members through the use of laser printed billings instead of the traditional bill cards you were accustomed to receiving. Laser bills allow us to provide you with more valuable information concerning your account, as well as monthly bill inserts informing you of new programs available through your co-op, useful energy efficiency tips and/or current and vital information you need to know.

There's an informative bar graph on your billing that illustrates your electric usage for the past 12 months. The graph allows you to compare your electric usage on a month by month basis. The bill also features a chart that shows you how much the electricity you use each day and what that electricity costs you per day.

At first glance, your electric bill may seem a little difficult to understand. But it's really not that difficult once you understand exactly what you are reading. Take a look at the example below to help you better understand your Southern Pine Electric bill.

The Energy Charge is the first dollar figure under the Charges column. There are three components that make up this Energy Charge on most residential bills. Those parts are the Facility Charge, the Power Cost Adjustment and the Rate.

The Facility Charge is a flat monthly charge that is paid as a reimbursement to the co-op for facilities used to distribute electricity to members. It covers a portion of the daily costs of doing business. It does not include the actual cost of the electricity used. The Facility Charge at Southern Pine is currently $12 a month.

The Power Cost Adjustment is a necessary cost increase or decrease on your bill that is directly related to the cost of fuel that is used to produce electricity. The Power Cost Adjustment is listed in the main body of the bill as 0.009000 and is titled as Power Cost Adj.

The Rate is the actual cost per kilowatt hour paid for the electricity you have used.

If you have security lights or contribute to Operation Round Up, these line items will be listed and identified and must be added to the previous amounts listed in the Charges column. State Tax will then be added, plus any unpaid balance an account might have. By adding all of these costs together, you will determine your Total Amount Due.

Remember, if your bill is paid after the 15th of the month, a late charge will be payable, in addition to the other charges already listed on your billing.

If you have questions concerning your Southern Pine bill, please contact your local district office or call the Brewton headquarters at 251.867.5415.