Membership Fees

To become a member of Southern Pine Electric Cooperative, you must complete a member application which may be downloaded from this site or may be secured at your local Southern Pine office. Once the application is completed, return it to your local Southern Pine office. A membership fee of $5 must also be paid at the time of application for service.

Residential Deposits Required

A deposit may be required for any residential member. The deposit amount will be based on that member's credit history. The deposit required may be $0, $200 or $300, dependent upon the results of your credit history.

The member will be asked to provide his/her Social Security Number and a form of picture identification in order for a credit check to be conducted. If the member chooses not to provide this information, a $300 deposit will be required before service can be established.

Disconnections for non-payment will cause the deposit required to be increased. Any deposit increases will be in $50 increments for each disconnection, not to exceed the maximum deposit and must be paid before service is restored.

The deposit is refundable to the member if the service is disconnected and all bills owed to Southern Pine are paid in full.

Requirements for Additional Electric Accounts

If an existing member wishes to receive an additional electric service and meets the following requirements, he/she may not be required to pay an additional deposit:

  1. Must have an active account that has been connected for at least 13 months.
  2. Has received no more than one delinquent notice in the previous 13 months.
  3. Has no trip charges assessed to the account in the past 13 months.
  4. Has had no returned checks in the last 13 months.
  5. If a member has more than one active account, all accounts must meet the four criteria listed above.
  6. All inactive accounts must be paid in full.

Deposits for Commercial and Industrial Accounts

Commercial and industrial members will be asked to provide a tax identification number and a business name with address in order for a credit check to be conducted. The deposit amount will be based upon the member's or business' credit history. The following amounts may be required as deposits, dependent upon the business' credit history: $0; an estimated amount equal to approximatley one month's electric bill; or an estimated amount equal to approximately two month's electric bills.

A deposit equal to an estimated total of two (2) months electric bills may be required in advance for commercial or industrial accounts who do no wish to have a credit check conducted.

A cash deposit will be applied to the account prior to the rendering of the final electric bill. Any refunds will be made to this member.

Southern Pine may accept, in lieu of a cash deposit, the assignment of one or more certificates of deposit issued by a mutually agreed upon bank within the general Southern Pine service area. The certificate(s) of deposit will be an amount equal to one month's electric bill or two month's electric bills. The cooperative will not release the assignment of the certificates until all charges, including the final electric bill, are paid in full.

The cooperative may also accept, in lieu of a cash deposit, a surety bond. The bond must be issued by a surety company licensed in the state of Alabama which guarantees the payment of all charges rendered to the commercial or industrial member, including the final electric bill.

Other Fees

Connection Fee for One Meter and One Light$28.00
(Each additional light is an additional $28. Security lights cost $28 each, regardless of the number of lights installed. Connection fees are nonrefundable.)
Reconnect Fee $50.00
Additional Deposit Required after Disconnect For NonPayment $50.00
After Hours Reconnection Fee(In addition to standard reconnect fee of $50) $40.00

Returned Check/Insufficient Funds Fee $35.00
In the event that a check is returned unpaid, the check together with a $35 processing fee, will be electronically presented against the bank account from which the check was written.

Meter Seal Cutting Fee $50.00
The breaking or cutting of a meter seal by an unauthorized person is a violation of Alabama law. Any meter seal that is found to be broken without authorization by a designated Southern Pine employee will be reported by the co-op employee immediately. A fee of $50 will be assessed to the member for the first such violation. If a second meter seal is found to be broken, Southern Pine will take whatever legal action it deems necessary to prevent future violations.

Meter Tampering Fee (Meter Tampering is Illegal) $200.00
The cooperative may refuse, suspend or discontinue electric service without notice in the event of tampering with the meter or equipment furnished and owned by Southern Pine or for the unauthorized uses of electricity by a member. Any member caught defrauding the cooperative by use of jumpers or other methods will be penalized by having the estimated amount of electricity stolen doubled, plus an assessment of this $200 penalty. All charges must be paid in full before service will be restored. Any member who defrauds the cooperative by use of jumpers or other methods a second time will be penalized by having the estimated amount of electricity stolen doubled, plus an assessment of $300. All charges must once again be paid in full before service will be restored. The cooperative may prosecute to the fullest extent of the law if the circumstances are deemed to be in the best interest of Southern Pine.

Security Light Charges Per Month

100 Watt High Pressure Sodium (HPS)$7.50
400 Watt High Pressure Sodium (HPS)$15.75
175 Watt Mercury Vapor$7.50
400 Watt Mercury Vapor$15.75

For more information on deposits and fees call your local Southern Pine office or email