Not everyone who is hungry tonight lives in a third-world country. Many of your neighbors down the street or just across town may go to bed hungry tonight, wondering where they will find their next meal.

To help our neighbors in need, Southern Pine sponsors a nonperishable food drive each holiday season. Each of its four offices set up donation centers where they receive donated items from members. Each time anyone donates three qualifying items, that person may enter his or her name for a cash prize drawing. One $50 winner is drawn from each of the four office locations and receives their $50 cash prize prior to Christmas Day. Donated foods are distributed to local food banks through the co-op's general service area so that they are available to families in need prior to Christmas Day.

Southern Pine appreciates its many members and friends who have supported this worthy program for the past years and hopes you will continue to help our neighbors in need.

Thank you to everyone who helped make our previous food drives a success. We have gathered thousands of pounds of nonperishable food items each year. Last year alone we gathered over 2,400 lbs. that was delivered to four different food banks in our four service areas.

Donations are currently down at area food banks, partly due to the difficult economy we have experienced these last years. Yet demand is higher than ever. The contributions you make helps many families in need each holiday season.

Thank you for sharing with those in need.

Over 2,400 lbs. of nonperishable food items were collected for the 2012 Holiday Food Drive. Thanks for making this possible!